Online Topics

What are the topics covered on the online courseware.

Free Online Resources for Understanding LGBTQ

The introductory course helps build foundational understandings and addresses initial questions surrounding the belief that your child might be gay.

THE SCIENCE OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION helps anyone wanting to understand more about the science of sexual orientation. All human characteristics have a normal variation. Whether we are looking at height, weight, eye color, or sexual orientation, normal variations occur for all traits.  People do not choose their sexual orientation.

BISEXUALITY is created to open up conversations involving the perceptions about bisexuality in human populations. In this course titled Bisexuality, you will explore the topics of the perceptions surrounding the authenticity of bisexuality, discrimination, and results of that discrimination.

TRANSGENDER PEOPLE helps in the understanding of what transgender is, what transgender people need, and how we can support them in positive ways.

COMING OUT is helps you understand the coming out process. Families of gay children go through the same processes as they “come out” as a parent of a gay child.

FAMILY COMING OUT is designed to help you think and plan the ways in which to come out to family and others as a family with a gay member.

What is Courseware?

Courseware is educational material intended as tutorials for students, usually packaged for use with a computer. AFCI multi-media presentation is supported by audios, videos, pictures and writings. All are woven together to give a complete explanation of the topics presented. Even though the material is factual, the multi-media approach will provide the context for understanding a very emotional topic.

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