About Rejection

Parents and families want to help their LGBT children and to keep their families together, but many do not know how.

  • Parents and caregivers who are perceived as rejecting their LGBT children and who engage in rejecting behaviors (e.g., trying to change their child’s sexual orientation and gender expression) are motivated by care and concern for their LGBT children – and by trying to help their LGBT child “fit in,” have a “good life,” and be accepted by others.
  • Negative outcomes for many LGBT youth, including suicide, homelessness, and placement in foster care or juvenile justice facilities, can be prevented or reduced if parents, families, and caregivers can turn to a knowledgeable source for guidance, accurate information, and support.
  • Many parents and families whose children end up out of home (e.g., homeless or in custodial care) want to reconnect and to have an ongoing relationship with their LGBT children despite assumptions by others that they do not want to have any involvement with their LGBT children’s lives.

Keeping Families Together